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  • Hold Me Close $260.00

    All of our actions begin with a thought from head to heart. This timeless Illumination celebrates the theme of love and tender embrace, gentle protection, cooperation, adoration and quite contemplation.

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  • The Desert Rose Ketubah $290.00

    The Desert Rose Ketubah exhibits an abstract-style design with bending lines and shapes. The color palette is a beautiful contrast of calmer hues of oranges and yellows with vibrant red accents. This work of art is perfect for the couple searching for something traditional, yet beautiful.

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    4560-Desert Rose
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  • Ani Ledodi White Ketubah $448.00

    The beauty of both letter and word, and the poetry of love are celebrated in the Ani L’Dodi Li ( I Am My Beloved’s and My Beloved is Mine) Ketubah. The art work, an exquisite tour de force in its rendering of Song of Songs 4, mimics the exquisite use of words which express a groom’s adoration of his bride. The lovely background compliments the cut and contributes to the ketubah’s strong visual expression of the joy of the new couple. Giclee, paper cut, platinum leaf. May be ordered with or without background

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    See This Ketubah

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